At theYECuk we'll be bringing together creative thinkers, experienced leaders, cultural analysts and passionate evangelists, with one aim: seeing this nation transformed by the grace and power of Jesus Christ. 

You'll be able to hear two of the fantastic seminars, along with both of our keynote addresses. We'll be sending out a survey before the event, where you can pick which seminars you'd like to attend.

(Not all titles may be available in all venues)


Evangelism in the Digital Realm

Many young people spend most of their waking hours online. We’re aware of the challenge of helping them to navigate the pitfalls of social media. But how can we harness the power of the internet for the gospel? How can we develop those who follow Jesus to become digital evangelists?

Proclamation Masterclass

The gospel is the power to save everyone who believes. But is preaching for a response still valid in our culture? What does a message look like for the 21st century that both resonates with the audience whilst remaining faithful to the truth? Plug in to the unprecedented opportunity of Advance 2020.

Fruit that will last

We celebrate the moment a young person responds to the gospel. But for the youth leader, the real work is just beginning. If we’re really aiming to grow mature disciples of Jesus, what does that mean for our evangelism? Join the conversation with our assembled panel of experts, as we embrace the challenge of seeing lasting change.

Accessible Church

We all want to see the Gospel reach every young person in our community. However what happens when we are own worst enemy? CofE’s Jimmy Dale helps us to have a look in the mirror and assess how accessible we are to those outside the church; exploring how sometimes what we say, the assumptions and attitudes we hold, and the things we do can be the very barriers that stand in the way of people engaging with Jesus.

Youth Evangelism from Scratch

You know that young people need Jesus. The trouble is, your church is not connecting with them. Where do you start? Come and breathe a sigh of relief as Scripture Unions experts offer you some practical steps you can take to build an effective strategy for reaching teenagers.

The Bible: Ultimate Resource

Is it possible that in equipping young people to share their faith we are neglecting the manual? What if there was a simple and revolutionary approach to exploring the scriptures with young people that responded to their needs and questions? Pais Movement invite you to rediscover the Bible as a catalyst for missional living.

The Power of Invitation  

Research tells us that many young people are hungry to talk about God. Yet our teenagers can feel unable to start the conversation. How can we equip young people to issue the invitation to explore the meaning of life? Alpha offer you proven strategies to equip teenagers in sharing their faith.

Burning Issues

Is God anti-gay? Views on sexuality and gender seem to present the biggest barrier to faith in our culture. As leaders, how can we help young disciples to navigate these issues with confidence in the gospel? What should we say to young people we know who are wrestling with their sexual identity? Former Gay-Activist David Bennett shares his story and empowers you to tell a better story.