Your Day

At theYECuk we aim to keep things simple. There is worship, keynote talks and seminars plus space in between things to browse resources and connect with others.



We make no apology for setting aside serious time to worship Jesus. We know that apart from him we can do nothing. So we will start the day drawing close to the Saviour, who is good news for young people.  


We love teams. And we love comparing notes. To get the best out of theyecuk, come with someone who is serving alongside you. That way you can share what you're learning and start to apply it to your own context even before you leave the venue. And if you're coming alone, we're sure you'll meet someone you have so much in common with. Make the most of the breaks to dig into what you can learn from others who share your passion for young people. 


We're showcasing the best of the UKs cutting edge organisations focused on helping you reach young people. Training, advice, resources, mission teams and more will be available in our exhibition area, which will be open before and after the event, plus during coffee and lunch. 

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