The Youth Evangelism Conference

The Seminars



At theYECuk we'll be bringing together creative thinkers, experienced leaders, cultural analysts and passionate evangelists, with one aim: seeing this nation transformed by the grace and power of Jesus Christ. 

You'll be able to hear two of these fantastic seminars, along with both of our keynote addresses. We'll be sending out a survey before the event, where you can pick which seminars you'd like to attend.

Reimagine Church for Young People

Young people might show interest in Jesus, but how do we get them into church? This seminar will showcase some of the pioneering work being done across the UK to reimagine the body of Christ with young people. These stories demonstrate that, far from being the major turn-off for this generation, church might actually be what they are looking for.  

Evangelism in 21st Century Schools

The vast majority of all young people are in schools, so it is logical that we want to be there too. But how can we work with young people there in a way that proclaims the good news? Discover some of the approaches you can adopt in becoming a valued part of the school community without compromising your faith in Jesus. 

Training Young People as Evangelists

So your youth group is not full of ready-made Billy Grahams. And yet we are all called to be the Light of the World. What can we do to engender a culture of Evangelism and see a generation of young people released to reach their peers?

The State of The Nation

What do young people really think? Learning from some major research into trends in youth culture, we'll unveil some surprising truths about todays teenagers and the gospel.

Confidence, Creativity and Comfort

Is it time to get out more? How can we help young people proclaim the gospel publicly with urgency and yet sensitivity? Chris Duffett has developed a range of tools for street outreach that are proven to help even the most timid young people grow in confidence in sharing their faith, even with total strangers. 

Creating a Youth Evangelism Strategy for your Church

How can our vision for young people in our area captivate the church? How can we sustain a growing ministry with young people and their families that transforms a generation. Start here, as we offer you some powerful tools to help build a strategy that creates disciples who last, and grows the church from the ground up. 

Crossing Cultures with Young People

As young people across the UK becoming increasingly multi-cultural, the church is in danger of failing to reflect the context. How can we deliberately reach out across the cultural divide in our communities? 

Ruth Jackson, Premier Youth and Children’s Work magazine - Removing the barriers
Young people often have profound questions, doubts and objections that are blockages to belief. How do we begin to gently address some of these issues so that we can introduce them to the God who is desperate to meet them in their struggles?

Jimmy Dale, Church of England - Youth EvangelIsm: Changing the narrative

Evangelism is about more than preaching from the stage or street corner. This session seeks to hear from grass roots practitioners, volunteers and young people, about the real life examples of sharing their faith with young people. 

Luke Hamilton, Alpha - The Evangelism Toolkit

A collaborative session where together we will share tools and practical resources for youth evangelism, both adult and youth lead. Casting vision for how we can each use these tools in our specific contexts while being intentional about raising up young leaders to do the same.

Ben Poch, Scripture Union - Doing Mission through Sports: sharing Jesus                         
The seminar looks at the 'Third Space' - the area or place where young people gather: the MUGA, Village Green, Open Space, etc. We’ll consider sporting excellence and sharing the Gospel in a relevant way through the language of sport.

Andy Hawthorne, The Message - Heart for the Poor
Community mission. Through the Eden network, hundreds of passionate volunteers have moved in to some of the toughest neighbourhoods to share Jesus with young people. What can we learn from their example? How is God calling you to respond to the broken on your doorstep?