The Youth Evangelism Conference

The Seminars


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At theYECuk we'll be bringing together creative thinkers, experienced leaders, cultural analysts and passionate evangelists, with one aim: seeing this nation transformed by the grace and power of Jesus Christ. 

You'll be able to hear two of these fantastic seminars, along with both of our keynote addresses. We'll be sending out a survey before the event, where you can pick which seminars you'd like to attend.

Phil Knox and Grace Tween, Youth for Christ – Sync: Three story evangelism

From sales pitches to sermons to speed dating, neurologists and sociologists are finding that the best way to communicate is telling stories.  And evangelism is telling stories. We will explore the stories that collide in evangelistic relationships and how we can be masters of narrative.

Phil Timson, HOPE – Believing for the impossible 

As HOPE sets a challenge for the church to grow by 10% by the end of 2018, how can you be involved to see intentional evangelism high on the agenda in your region? Be inspired, equipped and resourced to mobilise an emerging generation for Jesus, exploring the part that God has called you to. This is our watch and we must act now!                                                              
Ruth Jackson, Premier Youth and Children’s Work magazine - Removing the barriers
Young people often have profound questions, doubts and objections that are blockages to belief. How do we begin to gently address some of these issues so that we can introduce them to the God who is desperate to meet them in their struggles?

Jimmy Dale, Church of England - Youth EvangelIsm: Changing the narrative

Evangelism is about more than preaching from the stage or street corner. This session seeks to hear from grass roots practitioners, volunteers and young people, about the real life examples of sharing their faith with young people. 

Luke Hamilton, Alpha - The Evangelism Toolkit

A collaborative session where together we will share tools and practical resources for youth evangelism, both adult and youth lead. Casting vision for how we can each use these tools in our specific contexts while being intentional about raising up young leaders to do the same.

Ben Poch, Scripture Union - Doing Mission through Sports: sharing Jesus                         
The seminar looks at the 'Third Space' - the area or place where young people gather: the MUGA, Village Green, Open Space, etc. We’ll consider sporting excellence and sharing the Gospel in a relevant way through the language of sport.

Andy Hawthorne, The Message - Heart for the Poor
Community mission. Through the Eden network, hundreds of passionate volunteers have moved in to some of the toughest neighbourhoods to share Jesus with young people. What can we learn from their example? How is God calling you to respond to the broken on your doorstep?