A day to inspire

If our communications team are doing their job, you should find below everything you need to know about your day at theYECuk. We believe in looking after our guests. Because what we have to share is so important. We want to give you the most positive  experience possible, so that you can absorb and act on the seminars and sessions. If there's something missing, tell us

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At theYECuk we aim to make the main thing, the main thing. We want to fill the day with as much good stuff as possible to equip you for Evangelism. Get a feel for the shape of the day here.  



theYECuk is committed to Peer Evangelism. We need to equip young people to reach this generation. To this end we are inviting every delegate to bring with them a young emerging leader.


Seminar titles

We make no apology if you find it hard to choose. We're making the day full of essential information, tools and inspiration. Experienced leaders cover cutting edge issues in our seminar programme.  Put your grey matter to good use here. 

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theYECuk 2018 will be in Cambridge on 24th Feb and Warrington on 12th May. Find out more about our chosen venues here.  

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Food and drink

We believe in hospitality. Reaching young people is hard enough, so we want to make this day as enjoyable as possible for the workers. We're pulling out all the stops to fuel you for a day of top notch conferencing. As well as plenty of tea and coffee, we'll also be providing you with a delicious packed lunch. If you have allergies or dietary requirements, just let us know when you book.



Who can you expect to hear from at theYECuk? From major national leaders to grass roots practitioners we bring you a range of voices aimed at inspiring vision and enabling action.