Inspiring Leaders to Greater Confidence in Reaching Young People. 


Warrington - Saturday 12th May

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It's Time to Engage in The #GospelOffensive.


Influential Voices

Who can you expect to hear at The Youth Evangelism Conference 2018? We're compiling an amazing list of experts, to keep you on the cutting edge of outreach. 



Going National

We're multiplying. For the first time in 2018, we are offering theYECuk experience in two locations, Cambridge and Warrington. 

More info coming soon....


Making Your Day

As well as offering you some compelling keynote addresses and ground-breaking evangelism workshops, we aim to make this a good place to be. 

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Biting Issues

What are we focusing on in 2018? Get a sneak preview here of our Evangelism Workshops. theYECuk is all about enabling action in your communities. Here's how. 

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Investing in Emerging Leaders.

Core to the vision of the Youth Evangelism Conference is raising up a generation of young leaders to reach their peers. We slash the cost to encourage you to bring an emerging leader from your team.